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DBS Bank Ltd is a Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Marina Bay, Singapore. The company was known as The Development Bank of Singapore Limited, before the present name was adopted on 21 July 2003 to reflect its changing role as a global bank.

A former Project Manager lists 5 reasons why DBS Bank sucks:

1. Long working hours and many are doing 2-3 people's job. 2. Stable systems are overlooked and deemed "simple " or "easy" while systems that have problems every week are praised and people supporting it promoted every year. 3. There are entire floors of foreigners. So much so that they started a satellite office overseas in 2016 but yet these floors still exist and continue to grow. Majority are doing jobs that locals can do. Many are hired through personal relationships and not by merit. 4. HR is only interested at managing headcount and cost by evading the 17% (Employer CPF contribution) by hiring foreigners hidden in the many outsourcing companies they use. 5. Unqualified staff increase troubleshooting issues by days and even weeks. Senior staff can screw up simple cert installations, server hardening and configurations. The best part is these people still manage to get promoted and bring in even more unqualified people.


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Senior Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"My jobscope was changed suddenly on my first day of work. I did not have the expertise and experience in the new role. Ex-boss was racist and only cared for his staff who had the same nationality as him. I was treated unfairly. I was involved in 24 hr work shift, doing production support. I was asked to work in the afternoon shift from 2 pm to 11 pm. I was not allowed to make transport claim after work. Then I realised that I was the only one who could not make the transport claim. My ex-colleagues who worked in the same shift as me, could claim their taxi fares. I asked my ex-boss about this discrepancy. He denied whatever he had said. This is not the only instance when I was treated unfairly. And I am a Singaporean, while he was only holding a Work Pass Permit. I am one of the 3 Singaporeans under him. The rest are all Work Permit Holders from the same country. I wanted to complain to HR but I could not as I was a contract staff. Cons: Toxic boss and working environment"

Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"it depends where we are posted. if you're posted to the branches, your opportunity to grow or earn a higher than the decent amount will be robbed almost instantly. they will randomly throw new roles and duties to staff such as insurance sale or loan officer at you and you're expected to learn and push for sales asap as it will be included in your KPI. you bonus is highly dependent on your sales of insurance, not your work ethics or performance as a service staff. you can give the best service to customers but your bonus will be zero if you don't force insurance sales on customers. branch management is usually extremely poor and the managers/leaders are horribly biased and unprofessional. some managers/seniors get very personal with staff and conveniently forget to behave in a professional manner. complaining to HR just worsen the treatment in the branch as the people in the branch will not treat you kindly after knowing you burst their bubble. The working hours are longer than expected and there is no compensation for the extra time you put in. once in a while you will receive items like nuts or muffins for your hard work, not extra pay or a justified bonus. the managers are not helpful and you live with stress every minute in the job as they are just out to expose your mistakes. one mistake made will be used as leverage for them to scare you throughout the year. you will be reminded of it during your appraisal when they reveal how little bonus you're getting. colleagues are average although most of them are backstabbers or rats. it is not an enjoyable workplace, neither does Cons: long hours. low salary. horrible work environment."

Telesales (Former Employee) says

"Ya namanya juga TELESALES,,gaji nya cuma 2 juta,,kalau mau pendapatan lebih harus dapat BANYAK Nasabah yg Di Acc pinjamannya, Jam kerja EXTREM ( jam 8.00 s/d 19.00 )..Dapat ilmu cara berkomunikasi"

officer (Current Employee) says

"poor medical benefit Cons: Long working hour"

Marketing Associate (Intern) says

"Very heavy on the office politics side, very judgmental. Also, treat minorities very poorly. Needed all the extra propaganda from youtube to showcase their 'successful' working environment."

Senior Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"A transactional place where people of modern ages do not use bartering system where they dont need to produce cows in exchange for goats and chickens."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Not happy place to work for want you to do everything and more , lone working cleaning at least 24 offices , some big some small , easy job just expected far to much , for the money, Cons: Always ringing me up to have a meeting"

Software Release Manager / DevOps Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Needs improvement on the work life balance and more needed,"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Long Working Hours and process is very manual. Not all but most of the management team do not display the leadership skill. High turnover rate and replacement will take donkey time and no sight at all."

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"The job scope was embodied by a steep learning curve, which was adaptable. However given that the call centre is circumscribed with unearthly shift working hours which I had been forewarned of and braced myself for, overtime it took a toll on me and my well-being. Apart from that, the knowledge content was well-received."

Development Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Management needs to create good work culture for technical persons. Cons: Rest Everything"

IT Manager (Current Employee) says

"If you want a job for life with slow progression and long work hours no work life balance then this is the place. The work life balance here is the worse in any place. People don' care about calling you on weekends for long hours. Same for late night meetings. It is unspoken rule almost it seems family and life takes back seat. IF YOU ARE CALLED TO STAY LATE OR WORK WEEKENDS (which happens often) you go to do it. It funny they not even apologize or ask you if you can work late or weekends they just command. They have policies in place with catchy terms like 5 @ 5 meaning Friday leave at 5...rarely in my role have I been able to leave by 9 pm on a Friday..Place has too much marketing and less content..So if you want slow progressing job for life with no personal life it is for you...Want good progression and a personal life look elsewhere,,, Cons: No work life balance long work hours.."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Lack of guidance and teamwork"

Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"The job encompasses learning and operations in a multi disciplinary manner requiring conscientious qualities such as attention to details leaving no room for mistakes. Cons: lacking management"

Bank Assistant (Former Employee) says

"For school leavers"

Bancasssurance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Keep tagging customers and cold calling to secure sales Cons: Product pushing and long working hours. No work life balance at all"

operaria de produccion y uso de rf (Former Employee) says

"Malo el sueldo muy inestable noes un trabajo seguro Cons: 10 minutos de descanso"

Senior Java Developer (Current Employee) says

"Contractors would be treated like a work slaves. Employees are expected to work on weekends. They take it granted without concerning about developers burnt-out Cons: Stressful work life"

Officer (Current Employee) says

"As a first customer touch based, we were never offered to be converted to perm. No salary benefits and career advancement either. More OT is expected and micro managing."

Senior Software Developer (Current Employee) says

"Its a very good company and good management. They are one of the best bank in the market. Everyone will have different opinion about everything in this world. Its just a perception, whether you see half empty or half full. So I would say, its a very good company. I find that the salaries are little lesser compared to other companies in the market.. Cons: No hike, Low Salary, Weekend work"

Former Employee - Officer says

"I worked at DBS Bank full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Bad management and leave allocation"

Current Employee - Technical Associate says

"I have been working at DBS Bank full-time for more than a year Cons: No improvement in salary, please increase the fresher salaries comparing with other companies"

Former Employee - Internal Auditor says

"I worked at DBS Bank full-time Cons: very stretched, may not have balance"

Former Employee - Credit Sales says

"I worked at DBS Bank full-time Cons: culture is poor, Co is chaotic"

Current Employee - Quality Assurance Engineer says

"I have been working at DBS Bank full-time for more than a year Cons: Micro management Politics Basically, it is a service based company with higher pay."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at DBS Bank full-time Cons: DAH2 management and HR stresses a lot about my voice and ask you to submit honest feedback so that they can use that to improve, but in actuality your managers threaten you to provide good ratings to them. If anyone provides a negative feedback, they find out who that person is and take it on themselves to ruin their careers. My manager explicitly called out my name in a meeting and openly showed my feedback to my team members. They can narrow down such feedback by slicing and dicing etc and use it to target individuals giving poor scores. Then they waited for the year end review process to halt my progress and gave me bad ratings, without any proper communication, reasons and threaten to put me in performance improvement when i tried to be reasonable. Never had such atrocious experience in my 10 plus years of experience HR doesn’t seem to have much power either"

Current Employee - Vice President says

"I have been working at DBS Bank full-time for more than 3 years Cons: -DBS Bank closes eyes to super toxic behaviour from one top leader -She hides behind "Women in Tech" publicity to make it look like she is a good leader. As a woman in tech I am shocked by how she really is. Please do not believe what you see in the media about her. -She is abusive, hypocritical, screams at people all day along for nth?? -Tell lies and bad-mouths people who dare to have a different professional opinion from her -Encourages people to "suck up" to her, they can also bully others -HR knows the problem but done nothing, they let us employees of DBS Bank who love the company and try to do their best continue to be abused - why??"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"I have been working at DBS Bank full-time for more than a year Cons: Long working hours, have to slog almost every day No code quality maintained Though profits got increased but rewards zero hike Can’t trust this employer"

Current Employee - Data Engineer says

"I have been working at DBS Bank full-time Cons: no culture no working hours limit you will fed up with all"

Former Employee - Specialist says

"I worked at DBS Bank full-time for less than a year Cons: DBS has the worse hiring managers and supervisors. they are slave driving, cynical and unable to provide directions as a lead. thinks they’re paying you big money and that you’re indebted to them for your job. claims to be concerned about employees views but it is all for show, in reality employees views are not considered if it’s not aligned with the team lead’s direction. they will ostracise those who have a voice but not aligned with the lead’s. biased and unfair workplace culture."

Nicole says

"I have been trying to open a new debit card, but they keep coming back to me with the same reply that i still have an existing debit card opened which needs to be closed before opening this new account . However, when i personally called in to the help line multiple times and even visited the branch myself, they said that the debit card have already been closed awhile back. There is their own systems within the company cannot be synced, It makes me worry about the reliability and security of their systems. Probably it is time to look for another bank."


"Waiting to change my card pin number at Singapura Plaza. Everyone getting cash out served before me, even those that came later than me. I would have thought pin number changez were pretty basic. Instead of the silly cafe or the 4 people harrassing you before you can even enter the bank, perhaps more counter staff able to change pin numbers. Over 35 mins now waiting still no sign of getting my pin changed. Go out to the two staff on their mobiles. No idea. 3 more in front of queue. Aggressive boy then took me to a video teller on my insistance Completed in less than 3 minutes. As always disgraceful service."

yi xiong yao says

"The staff at counter 8 (2nd storey,last servicing counter in numerical order) on 19/12/2020, saturday,10.10am is very rude and arrogant. Worst service i've ever seen. She likes to talk down on client, ignore client's request and frequently raise her voice at me. What is she trying to do? To show that she's superior than me? I will not open any business account or any business loan relations with both dbs or posb,never ever. Worst banking service i've ever seen. Disgrace on you. Allow your staff to bully and humiliate clients. Horrible."

Matt Baker says

"Called one month ago to ask to close an account. They said there was a $20 hold on my account, and they would look into it. One month later, called them back. Nothing had been done! Bank of the year? Hardly.
Also their phone banking customer service team only operate 8am to 12pm.....not even 24 hours. Bank of the year? Hardly."

Ioana C says

"Very disappointed with the customer service at DBS. After being a customer for more than 15 years, they started charging me high service fees without a notification or warning (for services/benefits I wasn't even using). I was expecting at least the courtesy of letting me know and giving me some options at that point. I now regret still keeping my savings with DBS, definitely not the best bank and not one to go to in terms of customer service."

Sridhar Iyer says

"DBS is a terrible bank when it comes to how long you wait at the branches. The two times I’ve been to one of their well-staffed locations in Dhoby Ghaut, the wait has been an hour+, even though it looks like there is more staff then customers. Don’t bank with them if you’re looking for quick service."

William Miller says

"I moved to Bangkok from Singapore in September 2019. I had intended to keep a large balance in my DBS account but quickly realised that when you leave Singapore you become irrelevant to DBS. I have had so many issues since moving I have now transferred the balance to Bangkok Bank.
Except for SGD106 - Try closing your account with a small existing balance. The best advice I get is go to a branch in Singapore in person. Utterly useless. DO NOT use DBS if you live outside of Singapore."